NANBF All Armed Forces Entry

The North American Natural Body Building Federation (NANBF) will sponsor the Armed Forces Natural Body Building and Figure Championships,  September 15th 2018 at Johnson County Community College, in conjunction with the International Pro Elite International. The Armed Forces show is open ONLY to members of the Armed Forces, active, retired, and prior service, from all services, to include the Reserves and National Guard. Non-military or dishonorably discharged former military members are not eligible to participate.

This year marks the first time an Armed Forces ONLY event will be sponsored solely for military members, recognizing their sacrifices, and dedication to the sport of fitness.  Events will include: men and women’s body building, ladies figure, ladies bikini, and men’s and women’s physique.

All NANBF sponsored shows are “drug free.”  Participants must pass a sanctioned polygraph and urinalysis on request.  No exceptions.